Carmel, California – Logic Factory is excited to announce the release of the sci fi novel, “Space Pilot Connor Grant” (SPCG), an ebook available in Amazon Kindle Stores now. Use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the Kindle app installed to join in the 400+ page adventure.

In a future that embraces humanity’s desire to explore and exploit the Solar System, raiding pirates have managed to hide their enormous strange base somewhere inside it. Space Pilot Connor Grant is about to learn just how immense it can be out there. Even in the age of metadrives, rescuing a friend lost in the Outer System is no easier than finding a coin tossed in the ocean. And while pilots enjoy visiting the great cities of the Inner System, as engineers continue upgrading their ships with fantastic inventions, everybody will find out soon enough that someone tougher than pirates has been hunting in the Asteroid Belt.

The author, Todd Templeman has worked in the computer games industry, specializing in sci fi games for seventeen years. He produced Ascendancy, first released in 1996, which won the CODIE Award for Best Strategy Software, and is now on the iTunes App Store, where it has been featured globally as a Staff Favorite. Before that he attended UC Berkeley, majoring in English. Templeman lives with his family in California.

Fans of Ascendancy share the love of outer space … the ideas of colonizing new worlds and meeting other intelligent alien species. In Space Pilot Connor Grant, it’s humanity’s turn. The story takes place just as mankind has learned how to turn mining operations in the Solar System’s Asteroid Belt profitable, while combating piracy and discovering all new challenges. Available now on Amazon for Kindle readers.

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Space Pilot Connor Grant
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