Breckenridge, Colorado – Mac OS X File Recovery today is pleased to announce version 1.4 of Mac Data Recovery Guru for OS X, the latest data recovery utility on the market and the only one to sport an easy-to-use Finder-like user interface. The main idea behind Mac Data Recovery Guru is to take the very same column-based window experience you have in browsing files in the Finder, and apply it to browsing deleted files with Mac Data Recovery Guru. This eliminates the learning curve and any technical difficulty from using the app, as you can start it up, click scan, and then feel like you’re in the Finder again only this time you’re browsing your deleted files. Mac Data Recovery Guru has been so effective at reproducing the Finder experience for browsing deleted files, that in the early stages one point of confusion for some users was that they thought they were still browsing their regular files in the Finder. The interface has been updated to clarify that this is not the case.

On nearly all device types including hard disks, digital cameras and mobile phones, files remain intact even after deleted until written over by new data that gets written to the device. For this reason there is a very high chance of recovering the data you lost after having deleted the file, or even after having formatted the device. One main point of Mac Data Recovery Guru is that it is very small in size. This is advantageous because many data recovery apps weigh in at tens or hundreds of megabytes, meaning that the mere act of downloading the data recovery app onto the drive in question runs a real risk of overwriting the data you are attempting to recover. Weighing in at a very small size of just a couple of megabytes makes Mac Data Recovery Guru a safe first-step choice in any data recovery scenario.

Overall Mac Data Recovery Guru has two priorities: One is to be very easy to use. A simple interface with two buttons which is completely uncluttered allows for 2-step data recovery and is as easy as using the Finder built into Mac OS X. Two is that internally it does everything possible to provide robust results. Its scan will find deleted files (even on physically failing hard drives) that other apps miss. In addition, it can scan and recover files from an unprecedented number of different kinds of devices, including: Macintosh disks, Windows disks, Linux disks, Unix disks, digital cameras, mobile phones, USB drives, memory cards, CDs/DVDs, and more.

Mac Data Recovery Guru does not force the user to wait until the disk scan is complete before they can recover a file. Users can browse through deleted files that are found during the scanning process, while the app continues to scan. Selected files appear as text or graphic previews, displaying the file’s contents even before it is recovered. The larger the number of files on the disk, the longer the scan time. Data Recovery Guru features a thorough, high-speed scan, and allows users to recover their file the moment it appears in the scan window. Should additional files need to be recovered, hitting the “Recover” button does not interrupt the ongoing scan

Version 1.4 Highlights:
* Now uses Apple’s latest ARC memory management. This provides optimizations in memory usage and performance in comparison to the memory management schemes that were available in Cocoa previously.
*Bug fixes
*Optimization to speed up file preview
*General Optimization and speed increase

Mac Data Recovery Guru provides the following features:
* Undelete files in Mac OS X
* User-friendly Finder window interface
* File thumbnail previews
* Scan for deleted files and recover files at the same time
* Finds lost files other disk recovery apps miss
* Identifies bad sectors and continues past them
* Recovers files from failing hard drives
* Free demo version available for download

“The main benefit of Data Recovery Guru is its ease of use and tight integration with OS X; it looks and feels like a Finder window, but it allows you to view deleted files rather than regular files,” stated CEO Ben Slaney of Mac OS X File Recovery. “In the past, data recovery software had an appreciable learning curve, but Data Recovery Guru just works as soon as it’s launched. And with the bug fixes and optimizations included in 1.4, a smooth and positive experience is assured.”

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 or above
* 1.5MB HD Space

Pricing and Availability:
Data Recovery Guru 1.0 is only $99.00 (USD) and available worldwide directly from the Mac OS X File Recovery website. A free demo version is available for download.

Data Recovery Guru 1.0
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Mac OS X File Recovery is based in Breckenridge, Colorado. Through his endeavors, CEO Ben Slaney has created Mac OS X File Recovery, and plans on the website becoming a leading authority on data recovery in general by providing both data recovery technology, as well as news on the latest research and developments in the field. Copyright (C) 2012 Mac OS X File Recovery. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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