Be’er Sheba, Israel – A fresh local Israeli team of young, self-taught programmers has recently decided to take their love for gaming to the next level. “We love mobile games, and recently decided that the time has come to create one of our own… so we did!” says Omri Moran, CEO and co-founder of SpiceItApp, a grassroots computer start-up company based in the southern city of Be’er Sheba. Little did he know that a mere two weeks later, his game, Feed the Bird, would rank Israel’s top ten in purchases at the AppStore.

Feed the Bird welcomes its players into the ornithological culinary world, in which worms, or Noogies, as SpiceItApp chose to call their grub, are assembled in a challenging puzzle, for the game’s big-beaked bird to eat. Backed up by an intuitive tutorial, amusing high-quality graphics, and a natural theme-suited tune, Feed the Bird is an easy to learn and highly entertaining mobile game.

The current version comprises of two modes. The “Classic” mode is a tricky “Move the Box”/”Unblock Me”-esque multi-level puzzle, in which the player has a certain amount of moves to form a Noogie of a definite block size for bird to eat. The fast-paced “Survival” mode is a race against the clock, in which the player must form as many Noogies as possible within a given time limit. As more Noogies are completed, the player gains more time and points. Even more time is granted by completing Noogies with clock pieces. Coin pieces unlock options for the player to buy bonuses for both modes, such as hints and auto-completes for assembling Noogies.

A recent update has enabled the new, Vegas-inspired, “Play with Friends” mode. Once selected, the player may compete against random or registered multiple players online, in a risky match for survival. The player decides how many coins to invest in the match, and the winner takes all. Since Feed the Bird is connected to the iPhone’s game center, users can keep track and compare their scores with players around the world, while earning achievements as they advance and become skilled Noogie makers.

Further updates, including “Disturb your Opponent” bonuses, aimed towards distracting your enemy bird-feeders, will be added to the game within the next few weeks.

SpiceItApp believes in their gamers, therefore the team describes Feed the Bird as, “Not fully defined.” SpiceItApp’s CEO says that they have left specific features of the game intentionally open for their audience’s input. “It’s a working progress,” he says, “I’d recommend everyone to stay tuned and follow us on our Facebook page for contests and giveaways. We handed out two tickets to a concert just last week. Who knows what we’ll have in store next.”

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SpiceItApp is a young, perpetually evolving Israeli program development company based in the southern city of Be’er Sheba. Founded by Omri Moran (CEO), Yoav Cafri (COO), Ron Miller (CTO), Hadar Dubin (Chief Architect) and Oren Rubin (Head of Design and UI), while attending Ben Gurion University of the Negev, the team’s mission is to ensure their audience regularly attends their class of Fun 101. SpiceItApp’s inaugural mobile game, Feed the Bird, hit Appstore Israel in August, 2012. The game became a nearly instant success, and ranked top ten in national downloads. Making games that they would play themselves is the top priority for SpiceItApp, which keeps an open mind to its audience’s input. The company plans to continue marketing intuitive games with high-quality graphics, appealing to all ages. Copyright (C) 2012 SpiceItApp. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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