Moscow, Russia – Mobile app developer Empatika is pleased to introduce Memory Training Program – a new interactive self-help book for iPad. The book includes built-in exercises for better memory practice and an overview of different memory techniques used by Intelligence Services officers. The layout is the following: the reader starts as a newly recruited officer and advance through the Intelligence Service career ladder. With each level the requirements are higher and the reader is presented with new memory techniques necessary to fulfil the tasks.

Many people have faced such a situation: you meet a person, who is definitely acquainted with you and knows your name, but you can’t remember neither his/her name nor where you’ve met. Or remember the last time you spent 10 minutes looking for your keys. These are the consequences of our lifestyle and the rapid development of technology – having a lot of electronic assistants, we reduce our usage of memory. In order to offset this negative effect, our memory should be trained like muscles. Memory Training Program gives you the key to efficient memory improvement.

The book is based on the on the best practice of military psychologists. As intelligence officers often have to memorize big amounts of information without writing it down, there’s no doubt the techniques they are taught are highly efficient. The program helps to improve your memory, attention, concentration, to develop imagination and increase brain power.

There are a lot of books written on memory improvement. The distinctive feature of Memory Training Program is that it includes interactive exercises (not available in hard copies) that make the training process fun and easy. This was made possible by the latest Apple’s iBooks Author development.

Device requirements:
* iPad with iOS 5.0 or higher
* iBooks 2

Pricing and Availability:
Memory Training Program is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Self-Improvement category.

Memory Training Program
Book Cover

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