Maidstone, United Kingdom – Microspot Ltd. today announced the release of MacDraft Professional version 6.0.5, an update for its increasingly popular 2D Drafting, Design and Illustration software for Mac OS X. This is a FREE update for all MacDraft 6.0 users. Included in this update is improved functionality for supporting DWG files and fixes and improvements of previous versions. The release of this update re-affirms Microspot’s support for it’s thousands of loyal customers worldwide.

What’s new in version 6.0.5?

There is improved support for DWG files. Macdraft 6.0.5 can now read edit and write AutoCAD AC1024 (2010/2011/2012) DWG files. This means that any AutoCAD file up to and including AutoCad 2012 can be imported into MacDraft.

MacDraft now has an improved method for renaming layers and library items by incorporating a Rename option in the drop down menus in both the Layers and Library palettes.

Issues that were found with MacOSX Lion have been resolved and many other changes have been made which improve the performance and stability, and fix bugs with previous versions.

Microspot MacDraft Professional is powerful 2D design, drafting, technical illustration and Architectural drawing in one easy-to-use, affordable package. Designed for CAD users of all levels, it offers a full complement of drawing tools as well as both ANSI and international standard dimensioning capabilities. Its multilayered, scaled drawing environment supports both feet/inches and metric dimensions.

Note: MacDraft personal edition has also been updated however as is does not import or export DWG or DXF files there are no improvements there. For the differences between MacDraft Pro and MacDraft P.E. please see our web page.

Pricing and availability:
The updater is free for users of MacDraft Professional 6 and is downloadable from the Microspot web site. Microspot MacDraft Professional has a retail price of $349.00 USD (239.00 or Euro 344.00) and the Personal Edition is $129.00 USD (79.00 or Euro 115.00). Registered users of MacDraft Professional may upgrade to version 6 from version 5.6 for $89.00 USD (59.00 or Euro 69.00) or from any other version 5 for $149.00 USD (99.00 or Euro 120.00) or any older versions for $199.00 USD (129.00 or Euro 159.00). Registered users of MacDraft Personal Edition may upgrade to version 6 from version 5.6 for $55.00 USD (36.00 or Euro 45.00) or from any older version for $69.00 USD (46.00 or Euro 55.00).

Microspot MacDraft Professional 6.0.5
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Founded in 1964, Microspot develops Macintosh and Windows software for 3D modeling and animation, interior design, 2D drawing and drafting, image editing, and media management. Microspot offers affordable, easy-to-use software that produces professional results. Its customers are business and home users worldwide.

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