Rotterdam, Netherlands – niApps announces the release of its long awaited Mileage Recorder Lite and Mileage Recorder+ applications for iOS devices. The app’s main purpose is to make tracking your mileage easier than ever.

If you’re part of the 20% of employees worldwide that actively engage in business trips, then you are well aware of how much time is spent logging travel for reimbursement. Logging your mileage for each business trip can consume most of your day and is often a rather arduous task. Whether you have to track your miles for business or personal endeavors, keeping accurate records can become a nightmare. The Mileage Recorder makes your life easier by accurately logging every mile traveled. By pressing on the START button the app immediately starts recording your distance traveled. Once you reach your destination, a simple push on the STOP button marks the end of your trip. It’s that simple!

Unlike most mileage tracking apps available, Mileage Recorder and Mileage Recorder+ store all of your data directly on your phone – not on an external server. By doing this, the in-app experience becomes much more pleasant. Response times are noticeably faster and data is displayed almost instantaneously! The app’s beautiful dashboard view clearly displays how many miles have been driven for both business and private travel. Need to see how many miles you traveled by month? No problem – Mileage Recorder can do that too! The best part about Mileage Recorder is that the more you use it, the smarter is becomes. Do you travel similar routes multiple times a week? Mileage Recorder learns your frequent trips and operates more efficiently as you use it!

Perhaps the most useful feature of Mileage Recorder is the ability to export. No more wasteful nights trying to log your miles on a spreadsheet! Mileage Recorder allows you to easily export all of your trips and mileage to your email in a presentable Excel spreadsheet. If you’re currently an iCloud account holder then you will want to be sure to check out Mileage Recorder+. Mileage Recorder+ automatically synchronizes with iCloud ensuring that your records are always update to date on all of your iOS devices. Recording travel expenses has never been easier!

“Mileage Recorder and Mileage Recorder+ are more than just mileage trackers. They easily recognize frequent routes making your life a lot less cumbersome! Whether you make many corporate or personal travels, this app is a must-have!” – iPhoneClub

Key Features:
* Make recording miles easy
* Export all your trips and mileage in Excel format
* Advanced self-learning application software
* Compatible with iCould – keep all of your iOS devices up to date! (Mileage Recorder+ only)
* Simple and easy to use

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 1.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Mileage Recorder+ is available for just $2.99 USD. Mileage Recorder Lite is available for just $1.99 USD. Both applications can be found in the iTunes App store in the Business category.

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Mileage Recorder Lite
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niApps is a growing software development company. We specialize in creating iOS applications for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices. Providing our consumers with a product that solves a real life need is our strategy. Our main goal and mission is to make life easier. Copyright (C) 2012 niApps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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