Beaverton, Oregon – Mirye Software announces the release of Chunk ™ Base 1.2, the free 3d archetype toon character that you can use in your 3d artwork or animation.

In addition to Chunk Base and the Mister Chunk character set, Chunk Base 1.2 adds the additional Chunk character Ms Chunk. More than an add-on for Chunk Base, Ms Chunk includes expanded geometry, textures and accessories. Ms Chunk is based on a classic cartoon character type, expressed fully in 3d. Ms Chunk includes:

* Revised Geometry. Using Chunk Base, geometry was revised to create a character with a uniquely feminine shape and form
* Updated Morphs. All of Chunk Base morph dials are present in Ms Chunk, with some slight modifications to bring the entire Chunk family of models. This includes 38 general face morphs, 15 ear morphs, 23 eye morphs, phoneme morphs and more
* New Textures. Ms Chunk includes a revised texture set that brings Ms Chunk to life
* New Props. Ms Chunk includes beehive hair, muumuu dress and bathroom slippers

Chunk Base, Mister Chunk and Ms Chunk are available in .cr2 format, the native format used by Smith Micro Poser and DAZ 3D’s DAZ Studio. Both applications are available on Mac OS X and Windows. With the PoserFusion drivers included with Poser Pro, it is possible to host static and animated characters in other applications, including Photoshop, 3D Studio MAX, Maya and Cinema 4D. PoserFusion is also natively supported by Mirye Software’s Shade 3D modeling, rendering and animation suite, as well as e-on software’s Vue natural scenery software. DAZ Studio supports DAZ Bridge, which allows DAZ scenes to be hosted in Photoshop, Bryce and Carrara.

Chunk Base is the underlying framework for Toon Santa(tm) the original 3d Santa Claus from Meshbox Design. Toon Santa is a licensed character that has appeared in the Denver airport, on airline commercials and even on the New York Stock Exchange. Toon Santa has also been a part of the NORAD Tracks Santa project, supported by NORAD and also with the help of supporting organizations, including Meshbox Design and Mirye Software. Toon Santa has greeted visitors to the NORAD Tracks Santa website since 2006 when it goes live each December. In 2011, with the help of Google, Toon Santa starred in over 2 GB of animation streamed live on Christmas day 2011. Meshbox Design develops Chunk and other animated characters and 3d content that is licensed to artists, animators and film production houses.

About Meshbox Design:
Meshbox Design, a division of Proactive International, is a digital design and production house that serves the design, animation and film industries. Meshbox Design provides services such as full time external artists and 3d designers. In addition, Meshbox Design licenses its pre-made content libraries to digital production houses and designers, supporting professional and prosumer markets. Mesh Design’s 3d content libraries can be licensed for art and animation purposes (ART RENDER) license, or in a more flexible game (PROFESSIONAL) license. Meshbox Design also provides 2D and music licensing.

Chunk Base 1.2 is available for free download through the Mirye Software Store website.

Mirye Software
Meshbox Design
Chunk Base 1.2
Download Chunk Base
Toon Santa for Chunk

Mirye Software, a division of Proactive International, is a premier software publishing venture that specializes in vertical market professional creativity tools. Mirye Software publishes and localizes Shade 3D, the professional modeling, animation and rendering suite developed by Japan-based e Frontier. In addition, the company also markets tools into the cross platform development market, and carries extensive libraries of content that can be licensed to artists and digital production houses.

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