New York, New York – Motive Stylus is now the first iPad stylus with a tip that can be customized, all thanks to input from Kickstarter.

Motive Stylus launched on Kickstarter, a crowd funding platform where designers can post their product for pre-order. Kickstarter users who have reserved their own Motive Stylus requested that Motive Stylus also come with a hard tip that feels more like a writing instrument.

The tip of an iPad stylus is by far the most important part. It determines how the stylus will feel when it is used to draw on the iPad screen. Some people prefer a tip that is flexible with some feedback while others want one that is more firm. The typical iPad stylus is designed in a way that makes it impossible to swap the tip and customize how it feels. Some styluses don’t have tips that can even be removed without destroying them.

Motive Stylus is a unique design in that the tip is easy to swap. Removing the tip is as simple as just unscrewing it. Originally Motive Stylus came with just one tip style. A flexible tip that provides some feedback when used with the iPad. Due to the feedback from Kickstarter users, a second tip was designed that has a firm feel. With a bit of engineering ingenuity it will be possible to create both tips without raising the level of funding required.

Each Motive Stylus now comes with two tips, hard and soft. Users can customize the tip of their Motive Stylus to find the feel that they prefer when they use it with their iPads.

When asked about the Kickstarter experience Motive founder Ben Powell said, “Kickstarter provides a unique advantage. By launching on Kickstarter prior to manufacturing we have been able to involve people from all over the world in the design process. They asked for the ability to customize the tip, we listened and found a way to make it happen.”

In response to the new tip design Tony Nesta, a Kickstarter user said “This is why I like kickstarter. Nice one Ben.”

Motive Stylus is also unique in its ability to elegantly unroll from stylus to perfectly flat. When flat, Motive Stylus attaches magnetically to the front of the Smart Cover. Motive Stylus is designed to be the perfect sidekick for the iPad Smart Cover. When attached the Smart Cover can still be flipped and folded into a stand with Motive Stylus along for the ride.

The iPad has the potential to become the ultimate sketchbook. Developers are constantly inventing new drawing apps that people love. From Sketchbook Pro and Paper to games like Draw Something. Having a stylus upgrades the drawing experience on the iPad. Motive Stylus is the missing piece that will help the iPad meet its full potential.

Motive Stylus is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for a limited time.

Motive Stylus
Kickstarter (Motive Stylus)
Motive Stylus Tip Video
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Motive is a startup focused on designing Apple accessories that resonate with Apple’s DNA. Motive Stylus is the first product designed by Motive. Copyright (C) 2012 Motive LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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