Lakewood, Colorado – Spider Trainers, today announced its new eBook, Automated Email Marketing: Using triggered email to put your company in the right place at the right time, is now available as a free download. The eBook describes how businesses can be more efficient at reaching out to leads and prospects at a time that is most relevant to them (not when it’s most convenient for businesses) by using the latest tool in marketing initiatives, Mac- or Windows-based automated-marketing software. This type of software not only makes it simple, it streamlines efforts that used to take an entire staff to accomplish. However, it still has some complexities, which might need further direction.

“As marketers, we know the importance of timeliness – being in front of the client with the right offer at the right time – and, fortunately, email automation makes this possible. With triggered campaigns, we are transcending from when-we-can marketing to just-in-time marketing and it’s making a difference,” said Cyndie Shaffstall, founder of Spider Trainers, an online and offline marketing company.

“Triggered campaigns are challenging, and they have moving parts that far outnumber most other types of marketing efforts. So it’s easy to feel overwhelmed no matter how much staff or experience you have. In our eBook, Spider Trainers shares a collection of tried-and-true lessons and advice for automated marketing because, honestly, it’s probably a good idea to give serious consideration to hiring outside help – at least for your first campaign,” Shaffstall stated.

Automated-email or triggered-marketing campaigns are now handled with software for the Mac and Windows users that automate repetitive tasks. For instance, tasks can range from the simple – medical appointment reminders, special discounts offers – to the more complex – auto responses to follow-up on transactions such as thank you emails for purchases or for newsletter sign-ups; recurring events such as birthdays, anniversaries, loyalty programs; and when thresholds are met, such as flying a million miles or purchasing a certain amount of merchandise.

As businesses turn more and more to automated-email campaigns, the need for more information about these systems is growing. This eBook has the answers.

Automated Email Marketing

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