Ivins, Utah – TalkingRockies is pleased to announce the availability of a valuable new eBook to help app developers and designers discover user needs. APPosite: Get out of the Building, Discover User Pain, Model Their Experience, and Design Great Apps is available on Amazon and also on Apple’s iBookstore.

It’s an exciting time to be and app developer, but also a challenging one: developers have to delight users if they want their apps to stand out in a field that grows more crowded every day. To delight users, designers have to tap into undiscovered user frustration and come up with innovative solutions that make that pain go away.

APPosite helps app developers and designers to discover user pain, model the experience, identify solutions, and design great apps and features that hit the mark. App design and development teams can use the methods in the book to conduct short research projects that help them discover user problems and identify solution opportunities that other simply don’t see. The methods in the book help Agile teams develop better user stories, making the results of every sprint more in line with market requirements.

Jared Blake, CTO of MokiNetworks, a mobile, cloud and Web development consultancy, says, “At Moki Networks we’ve found that using the interviewing and user experience modeling techniques described in APPosite, we’re able to help our clients express their needs clearly and quickly, and these methods help our designers to come up with breakout ideas that delight our clients.” A seasoned software manager said of the book, “I kept finding myself nodding my head in agreement. The valuable lessons it teaches are some of the hardest to learn.”

APPosite shows how to conduct an effective user interview by borrowing ideas from the field of anthropology. It also explains how to process the information captured in an interview and turn it into the building blocks of app design. Using the clear and simple explanations in the book, any app developer can turn interview notes into six different models of the user experience.

User experience models include sequence, workflow, context, notes, physical and artifact. Each of these models provides a different perspective on the user experience that helps an app team to generate breakout app ideas. In addition, these six models help identify the best ways to market the apps under development.

Since most mobile, cloud and Web apps are developed using Agile development methods, APPosite provides detail on how simple research techniques can help the team come up with a set of user stories to fuel a succession of development sprints. The book includes guidance on research projects for traditional Waterfall development methods as well.

APPOsite is available on Amazon and in Apple’s iBookstore.

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