Austin, Texas – Camera quality in phones has increased considerably but there is one limiting factor – your hand. Gaining full control over the camera is difficult with 4 finger and a thumb independently moving in separate directions. This can result in blurry night and low light photography as well as a vacation video leaving you nauseous.

Stabilizing software is gimmicky, expensive, takes forever, and can crop or skew an image leaving wobbly distortion in all four corners. Professionals spend big money on counterbalancing hefty cameras.

A revolutionary accessory for smartphones, Stabil-i makes short work of shakiness and stows neatly in your pocket. Calling it a phone case would be grossly misjudging it’s abilities. True, it is a protective cover, but that’s where the familiarities end. There is no comparison to the “quick-fire” stabilization that happens inches from your fingers. By safely counterbalancing the phone onto a single, microscopic point, Stabil-i drastically reduces vibration commonly seen in home movies and concert bootlegs.

It’s minimal steel hardware and transforming body feel durable and expensive yet graceful. Expect to see good results upon first use while practice leads to greater technique and finesse. Current hardware solutions are anything but portable and lack any real connection to the new and eclectic audience of shoe-string filmmakers, video bloggers and iPhone enthusiasts alike. Stabil-i makes for a unique toy yet still finds it’s way into the professional’s bag of tricks.

This product is now available on the acclaimed crowd-funding platform Kickstarter and has gained momentum with over 400 units sold in the first week. Tech publisher Engadget picked up on this story.

Stabil-i is available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. There will be a lead time tentative to the official iPhone 5 release date. Stabil-i is currently being adapted to fit other high definition camera phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3. A line of accessories to compliment Stabil-i are also in the works including a handy quick release tripod dock for ten second family photos and an automotive mount for high energy chase scenes and hands free GPS navigation.

Stabil-i iPhone 5 Campaign
Engadget Review
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