Waltrop, Germany – To help people fit more photographs on their iPhone or iPad, iDownsize today announces the release of its new app, which can compress individual photos or entire albums quickly without a noticeable change in quality. The iDownsize app can save iPhone or iPad users valuable storage space on their devices, making room for more photos, apps, songs, and movies.

For example, photos taken on the iPhone 4S can be compressed by 70% without noticeable changes on the display. This saves approximately 2 GB of storage space when downsizing around 1000 photos.

“With iDownsize, it is easy to save valuable storage space on your iPhone or iPad,” said Esther von Beschwitz and Michael Tuellmann, Owners of iDownsize. “Now you can take your entire photo album with you wherever you go – and still have space for plenty of apps and songs.”

In addition, by allowing the user to select a high or low compression level, they can choose the quality of photos and amount of space saved. Users can preview a sample compressed image before making the change. The iDownsize app allows users to shrink photo sizes in just a few steps. They choose specific photos or an entire album to compress. Next, they select the compression level – either as a percent or by choosing a specific pixel size.

The photo quality selected can be checked by viewing a downsized sample photo. Finally, users choose a name for their new album and the app compresses the photos, placing them in the new album. As a safety feature, iDownsize does not automatically delete the original photos. Users who want to save space should delete them after compressing.

“We made iDownsize simple to use, so it is easy to compress your photos,” Esther von Beschwitz said. “The app is perfect for anyone who takes photos with their iPhone or iPad.”

The iDownsize app is able to compress photos and save storage space without affecting how the photo looks. This is because the camera on an iPhone or iPad can take pictures at a much higher resolution than the screen can display.

Features of the iDownsize app include:
* Compress photos – Shrink the file sizes of specific photos or entire albums
* Save storage space – Downsizing allows more room for other photos, apps, songs, movies, and more
* Maintain photo quality – Images can be compressed without a noticeable loss in appearance when viewed on screen
* Safe and secure – The app does not overwrite or delete the original photos
* No advertising – There are no ads shown in the app

Even more space can be saved when importing photos from a digital camera onto an iPhone or iPad. Many new digital cameras can take photos up to 15 MB in size. The iDownsize app can compress those photos to below 1 MB each on an iPad 2 without a noticeable change in display quality.

Compressed photos can still be viewed on an HDTV without being able to see a loss in quality. Photos can be reduced to 1024×768 pixels for display HD-ready TVs or to 1920×1080 pixels for a Full HDTV.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone (3GS, 4 or 4S), iPod touch (3rd or 4th generation), and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 0.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
iDownsize is currently available for sale worldwide through the App Store in the Photo & Video category for $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies). Review copies are available upon request.

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Based in Germany, iDownsize specializes in creating photography apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Their app, iDownsize, was recently released in the App Store. Copyright (C) 2012 iDownsize. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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