Barcelona, Spain – The update released today for iPoe features the poem Annabel Lee, a poem that follows Poe’s favorite theme: the death of a beautiful woman, which he described to be “the most poetical topic in the world”. The poem is enhanced with six stunning illustrations and wonderful animations, with which the reader can interact, and a musical interpretation that has been composed to accompany the reading. This new addition to the app keeps exploring the possibilities of interactive books in iOS.

iPoe Collection for iOS is an application which showcases his writings in form of illustrated images, drawings and scary sketches. The drawings showcased in the app define scenes Edgar Allan Poe created through his writings. The audience find themselves in the scenario, and they suddenly become part of the play as they read his stories. The app combines Poe’s writings with illustrated drawings, interactive animations and music to provide audiences a more visual approach to his poetry and stories, making his stories more entertaining.

Edgar Allan Poe was an American poet and author born in 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts, widely known for his fiction and mysterious stories. Many people believed that the death of his brother and wife inspired him to write stories with mystical, scary and fictional background which mystifies its readers, but at the same time the stories are fun to read, and there is a huge collection of children stories. The designers of the app collected these stories and put them in a presentational manner with beautiful illustrated and colorful drawings, surprising animations and an original soundtrack, which attracts both adults and children.

The app is designed for iOS platform and works on both iPad and iPhone, and it is available at iTunes App Store for $3.99. The cost of the app is very affordable, and if you love Poe’s stories the app is well worth buying, and you can carry his collections in your pocket all the time, and read them anywhere you want. The app has also received excellent response from readers who loves his collection. The app also ranks high on some app distribution websites. It supports English, Spanish and French, and it is compatible with iOS 4.32 and above.

The app is named ‘iPoe Collection’ and its readers are expecting the developers to release new versions of the app covering other volumes of Edgar Allan Poe. But if you are not a big fan of his story collections and only loved the illustration work, you can still take inspiration from its beautiful drawings and characters, and learn how artists turned the imagination of Edgar Allan Poe into drawings. You can also download some media such as wallpapers and soundtrack from the website.

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