San Francisco, California – WaterField Designs, a leading San Francisco manufacturer of custom-fitted laptop sleeves, bags and cases for digital gear, announces new Nexus 7 Android Tablet cases. Though some in the media have dubbed the Nexus 7 an “iPad-killer,” WaterField Designs has yet to declare a winner and offers a bevy of cases for each popular tablet.

Custom-fitted Google Nexus 7 cases include: the Ultimate SleeveCase, the Smart Case, the Slip Case, the Suede Jacket, and the Travel Express. Each Nexus 7 Case offers unique functionality, protection and style. WaterField’s custom-fitted iPad cases include: all of the above, plus the Exo-SleeveCase – to protect the iPad within another case – and the iPad Wallet for the device plus accessories.

“With the Google Nexus 7 flying off shelves and the 16GB version delayed, many eager early adopters are in search of a way to protect the tablet that meets their individual needs,” explained owner, Gary Waterfield. “We offer our customers choices so that they can find a unique case that feels just right for their use and style. We know that early reports of an ‘iPad-killer’ were premature, however. iPad case sales are still strong.”

Nexus 7 Ultimate SleeveCase: A water-resistant, ballistic nylon shell envelops shock-absorbing neoprene, for ultimate protection. A screen-protecting plastic insert keeps the exposed screen safe from damage. Choice of trim color and optional d-rings and strap. TSA-friendly.

Nexus 7 Smart Case: Multi-layered padding includes an Ultrasuede(R), scratch-free liner that helps to keep the screen clean of fingerprints and smudges; an impact-resistant, screen-protecting insert; and a water-resistant, nylon exterior. Bottom tab helps ease tablet out. Six color choices and thin, brown, leather sides. TSA-friendly.

Nexus 7 Slip Case: Thin but plush, padded interior and a screen-protecting, impact-resistant insert. Bottom tab helps ease tablet out. Six vibrant color choices.

Nexus 7 Suede Jacket Sleeve: Snug-fitting, scratch-free, TSA-friendly Ultrasuede(R) sleeve for the Nexus 7 Tablet. Small pull-tabs ease tablet in/out. Can double as a screen-cleaner.

Nexus 7 Travel Express: This ultimate grab-and-go Google Nexus 7 Tablet case fits the new tablet plus accessories. Features: Scratch-free interior pockets; foam lining; an impact-resistant, screen-protecting, plastic insert; lightweight; optional D-rings and strap.

Pricing and Availability:
Ultimate SleeveCase: $59 (+ optional add-ons). Black with grey checkered Indium(TM) or brown, leather trim. Available now.
Smart Case: $59. Colors: black, copper, flame, green, pearl, pine. Ships by 8/17/12.
Slip Case: $29. Colors: black, blue, brown, green, red, silver. Ships by 8/17/12.
Suede Jacket: $19. With optional pocket: $25. Black Ultrasuede(R). Available now.
Travel Express: $59 (+ optional add-ons). Black plus bold stripe in: black, copper, flame, green, pearl, pine, or brown leather. Available now.

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WaterField Designs manufactures custom-fitted, high-quality cases and bags for a full-range of laptop computers, cameras, MP3s, cell phones, gaming devices, electronic readers, and other digital gear. All products are manufactured to exacting standards in San Francisco. WaterField Designs, Ultimate SleeveCase, Smart Case, Suede Jacket, & Travel Express are trademarks of WaterField Designs. Other company/product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright 2012. All rights reserved.

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