Paris, France – Sproutedapps today is pleased to introduce Nokumo Beta, free for Mac OS X, a beta release of their new productivity app that combines a myriad of organizational capabilities into a single app. Nokumo provides complete integration of task management, project management, contacts, documents, notes, events and archiving, and automatically syncs with Apple native apps. With all data encrypted, users can securely prioritize, schedule, organize, track, and plan, and they can automatically generate 20 different kinds of status reports.

Nokumo does the work of six different apps, consolidating their functionality into a single window, from which users can manage every aspect of their business and personal lives. Far more efficient than keeping half a dozen apps open and navigating between them, Nokumo allows the user to make powerful interconnections that would otherwise be impossible.

Feature Highlights:
* Manage projects and track their progress – track progress using milestones, and see related contacts, linked tasks and notes
* Have a full overview of contacts – see all contact details as well as the projects in which they are involved, appointments scheduled, tasks to do for them, etc.
* Create automated tasks, projects, and events – create an activity set to save the time spent creating each task or event individually every time a project is started
* Interconnect all items – link items together to get a full overview of any given contact or project
* Create notes to keep bits of information – create notes and link them to other items or keep them separately
* Sync with Apple native apps – sync contacts with Address Book, and sync calendars, events, and tasks with iCal
* Stay up to date – plan appointments, meetings, or calls and prepare for them by linking contacts, projects, tasks and notes
* Import and manage documents – add files and folders to Nokumo easily with drag n’ drop
* Prioritize and organize – items can be tagged, flagged, color-coded with categories and collected together in groups
* Archive old items – archive old projects, tasks, contacts and notes
* Generate reports – with 20 built-in reports, Nokumo provides an extensive view of projects, tasks, organizations and contacts
* Protect your data – back up your data manually or automatically. Safeguard data with AES 256-bit encryption

At launch, Nokumo’s home window is spacious and uncluttered. The first column lists calendar, task and project items from previous days, the second column items from the current day, the third column calendar, task and project entries in the future, and the fourth column a detailed schedule of the day’s appointments. All listings are editable, and altering a simple one-line entry made in iCal from within Nokumo immediately impresses the user with a much larger data entry window than iCal. This makes start and end dates and times, participants, status, color-coding, and notes much easier to input. This experience will be repeated again and again, as the detailed, spacious input windows of Nokumo surpass in convenience the mini-windows of typical calendar, note, and to-do apps.

Across the top tab bar of the home window are icons that change the view to one of the following windows: Documents, Notes, Projects, Events, Tasks, Contacts, and Organizations. Each window contains the full synced listings for each category.

The task app allows users to easily assign one of nine Task Types in the task window (Computer, Document, Email, Fax, Inbound Call, Outbound Call, Reading, To-Do, and Web), as well as one of five scheduling filters (Flagged, Today,Tomorrow, Overdue, or In Progress). Users are also enabled to see the tasks by project. Moreover, a links window at the bottom of the screen allows the user to link any document, note, project, event, individual contact, or organizational contact with any task selected in the task window. This cross-linking capability is available in every window, and fully integrates every function of the application.

The project app allows users to track projects in the project window and add pre-defined or customized milestones, as well as creating project types. Moreover, a links window at the bottom of the screen allows the user to link any document, note, event, task, individual contact, or organizational contact with any project selected in the project window.

The note app allows users to easily keep bits of information, simple text or rich text, as well as organizing by categories and tags. Moreover, a links window at the right of the screen allows the user to link any document, project, event, task, individual contact, or organizational contact with any note selected in the note window.

The document app allows users to easily import and manage documents, as well as previewing them with Quicklook. Moreover, a links window at the right of the screen allows the user to link any note, project, event, task, individual contact, or organizational contact with any document selected in the document window.

“Nokumo Beta is an easy-to-use and affordable all-in-one solution for keeping track of everything and organizing your personal or business activities,” commented Yoann Besnard of Sproutedapps.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
* Intel Core processor family
* At least 1 GB of RAM
* At least 150 MB of available space on your hard drive

Pricing and Availability:
The beta version of Nokumo for Mac OS X is available free from the company’s website. When released, the app will be priced at $39.95. Windows and Ubuntu versions are also available.

Download Nokumo Beta
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Press Kit (zip)

Based in Paris, France, Sproutedapps is a privately funded company founded in 2012. Sproutedapps’ main goal is to create software that helps people and small businesses to organize their activities and life projects. Copyright (C) 2012 Sproutedapps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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