Dallas, Texas – Perceptive Automation, the leading provider of Mac-based home automation software, today is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Indigo 5.1, an update to the company’s intelligent home control and automation server for Mac OS X. With Indigo, users can easily monitor and control lights, appliances, thermostats, lawn sprinklers and dozens of other items found in the home, thereby helping to reduce energy usage.

With the release of Indigo 5’s plugin API, a whole new opportunity for 3rd party developers has opened allowing the addition of new protocols and device support. Developers have responded with a wide assortment of plugins.

For European customers, Indigo’s hardware support has expanded greatly. The RFXtrx433, a new wireless receiver from RFXCOM, is now supported via a free vendor-supplied plugin. With it customers have access to the HomeEasy/Chacon protocol, LightwaveRF, and a wide variety of X10 sensor devices. In addition, the RFXtrx433 and the U.S. version, RFXrec433, support the reception of a large selection of wireless 433MHz sensors including weather sensors from Oregon Scientific and La Crosse Technology. Customers can now easily integrate temperature, humidity, rainfall, and wind data directly into their home automation logic and UI. Another LightwaveRF plugin, which uses the LightwaveRF Wifi Link device, is also available.

Another exciting plugin for worldwide customers is the MiCasaVerde Vera plugin. This plugin enables full two-way control of all Z-Wave devices supported by the Vera using native Indigo devices in regular triggers, schedules, and control pages. Z-Wave is the fastest growing wireless home automation technology and is broadly available worldwide.

Developers have also created plugins for a wide variety of other hardware:

* Alarm Panels & Security: Ademco, DSC, Elk, NetworX, SecuritySpy
* Media Control: Global Cache IR devices, Sonos audio distribution, Russound RNET Receivers, NuVo Grand Concerto/Essentia A/V distribution systems
* Thermostats: Proliphix, Aprilaire, Z-Wave Thermostats
* Energy Management: TED 1000 and 5000
* 1-Wire & Generic I/O: DS9097U 1-Wire Adaptor, Phidgets

Plugins are not limited to direct hardware integration. For instance, there are plugins to enhance scene creation and sprinkler scheduling, location-based and sensor-based tracking, weather and calendar data integration, and SQL logging of all device and sensor state changes. Currently there are 35 plugins that are available to users to perform a wide variety of tasks.

Indigo 5.1 also includes support for the new INSTEON i2CS firmware which increases the reliability of INSTEON communication. In addition, support has been added for two new INSTEON devices from Smarthome: the FanLinc, which enables multi-speed control of ceiling fans and dimming of attached light kits, and the new INSTEON Thermostat (2441TH). Additional INSTEON configuration and diagnostics have also been added via an INSTEON Commands plugin.

Pricing and Availability:
Indigo 5.1 is a free upgrade for all Indigo 5 users. Indigo 5 Pro is available now for $179.95 and Indigo 5 Lite for $89.95, both through the Perceptive Automation website, www.PerceptiveAutomation.com. Owners of previous versions of Indigo (v1-4) can get an upgrade discount to Indigo 5. Also available online is a 30 day trial copy of Indigo 5 Pro. Indigo runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or greater.

Indigo 5.1
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Indigo LightwaveRF Plugin
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Perceptive Automation, the leading provider of Mac-based home automation software, provides intuitive home control applications that make controlling the smart home easy. Founded in 2002, Perceptive Automation is a member of the SmartLabs’ INSTEON Alliance program. Perceptive Automation and Indigo are trademarks of Perceptive Automation, LLC. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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