Sursee, Switzerland – Today uncomplex is pleased to introduce Replies 1.0 for OS X, their new email app designed especially to assist users in handling customer support emails. Replies features a unique way to reuse text snippets including attachments, prioritization of incoming requests, pending and resolved message tracking, threaded email messages and responses, and a 15-second delay on all outgoing emails, reducing unintentional messaging. Replies organizes all messages into conversations, and it groups all related messages together, reducing inbox clutter. Capable of saving the user hours each day in responding to emails, Replies is the ideal app for improving the efficiency of any business’s customer support.

Replies incorporates the email browser style found in the iOS Mail app. A thin column on the left holds icons for Inbox, Outbox, Pending, and Resolved, plus folders within each box. The next thin column contains a scrolling list of emails, where each item is displayed in five lines of text, including the sender, subject, date, and beginning text of the message. The third and final column is wide, about two-thirds of the window, and displays the email’s text and graphics in their entirety. This horizontally oriented design makes much more efficient use of screen real estate than the OS X Mail app and other email clients that are vertically oriented.

Replies automates the process of answering a customer service request. Selecting the request in the second column displays the complete email in the third column. In the bottom tab bar is the “Reply” button, which displays a perfectly formatted reply that already includes the personalized greeting, the signature, an empty snippet field, and a copy of the original email request. Clicking in the first snippet text field, the user does not need to write an opening sentence. Rather they simply look up one of the opening sentences used in the past that has automatically been saved as a snippet. Snippets are categorized and saved by topic, so the user simply needs to insert the appropriate snippets, one after another, to create a perfectly worded reply.

Those in a customer service department may compose and save thousands of snippets a year, which, using Replies, are always online and ready to be reused. Since the vast majority of customer service requests raise questions or concerns already addressed by previous answers, Replies saves much of the typing work and makes sure answers remain consistent. Of course, users are free to compose original text and build a reply using as many snippets as they like, in whatever order they choose.

Feature Highlights:
* Organize, track, and respond to customer service request emails
* Easy setup with Gmail/Google Apps, iCloud/MobileMe, or any email service provider
* Text snippets are saved by topic – compose a reply by assembling the appropriate snippets
* All snippets can be edited within the reply
* Save newly written text for future use as a snippet
* One-button formatting, greeting, signature, and snippets of the reply email
* Undo send email feature reduces errors
* Intelligent prioritizing of incoming emails
* Convenient integration with other apps, such as Tender, OmniFocus, Mailplane, etc.
* Video tutorial included with the app

As an adjunct to automatically formatted and constructed replies, the app simplifies the process of attaching files, including audiovisual media, and incorporating graphics and screenshots within the reply. A very practical feature is the ability to undo message sends. Within the first 15 seconds of sending an email, the user can undo the action before the email is sent. Email correspondence can be easily archived either manually (the user can specify archiving to either the Pending or Resolved folders) or automatically (Replies archives all the messages in a threaded conversation within the original folder). The app also provides a quick auto-CRM feature: when the user clicks any email address, they get a quick overview showing all the conversations they have had with a customer.

Another valuable convenience feature is the intelligent prioritization of emails within boxes using active, static, and smart folders. By default, Replies automatically creates the following folders: VIP (conversations with important people), New Customers (correspondence with customers receiving an email for the first time), Existing Customers (emails from customers who have already received one or more emails), Ping Pong (emails with multiple or forwarded messages), Notifications (messages that do not require a reply), and Unfiltered (miscellaneous emails not matching any other folder). Users can easily add additional folders, including rule based smart folders.

“Replies converts the replies you have written into a knowledge base that you can easily access to create future email replies,” stated Ruben Bakker of uncomplex. “Your Outbox is a hidden resource, filled with valuable phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and files that could be recycled as snippets.”

System Requirements:
* Requires the latest Snow Leopard or Lion release (10.6.8 or 10.7.2)
* Requires a Mac with a 64-bit Intel Processor
* 49 MB

Replies 1.0 is available directly from uncomplex, and a full featured 30-day trial can be downloaded at the website. A Replies Personal License, at $79.95 (USD), can be used on multiple Macs, but is non-transferable. A Replies Organizational License can be shared within a company or organization and costs $129.95 per concurrent user.

Replies 1.0
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Located in beautiful Sursee, Switzerland, uncomplex gmbh is a privately funded company founded in 2007 by Monique and Ruben Bakker. With a focus on the Mac platform, uncomplex’s mission is to combine great web applications with the productivity and beauty of OS X. Copyright 2007-2011, uncomplex gmbh. All Rights Reserved. Apple, and the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. Google, Gmail, and the Google logo, are registered trademarks of Google Inc. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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