Cologne, Germany – Beginning of August mobivention turns the spotlight back on the well-known mobile retro game: the release of Snake Returns. The very hungry snake comes back with an exciting style and new game modes to iPhone, iPod and iPad. The basic version is available for free in Apple’s App Store. The price for the full version is $1.99 (USD).

Snake is a classic mobile game and has been very popular in times when displays have been small and black/white only. Snake Returns offers two different game modes. In the Eat Mode the snake has to eat a certain number of eggs without colliding with one of the trappy obstacles. With each level it becomes more difficult. Whereas in the Survive mode the snake has to eat as many yummy eggs as possible to gain a high score. The tricky thing is: The more eggs the snake has been eating the longer it grows. So it gets more and more difficult to avoid obstacles.

In the Premium version Snake Returns comes with several designs and additional game worlds. In those worlds the snake can be played in high quality designs, such as Retro, Toy, Holo and Robo. For even longer gaming fun special features which can inhibit the growth of the snake or slow it down. Those features can be unlocked via in-app purchase.

Snake Returns
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