Seoul, Korea – Today IVISUAL is pleased to announced that the second iStart series iStart iBooks Author (Multi-Touch) is published on the iBookstore. iStart iBooks Author produced in iBooks Author features 63 interactive widgets in the book which readers directly experience the feature of iBooks Author. Also, it provides Keynote sample files that help readers experience the combined new technique of both Keynote and iBooks Author.

Table of Contents:
* Preface

Chapter 1: iStart! iBooks Author
* iBooks Author
* iStart! iBooks Author

Chapter 2: Creating Documents
* Creating Documents
* Exploring the Sidebar Menu
* Exploring the Main Window

Chapter 3: Exploring Text and Shape Objects
* Exploring the Text Object
* Exploring the Shape Objects

Chatper 4: Exploring Image,Table,Chart,and Hyperlink
* Exploring the image Objects
* Exploring Table Objects
* Exploring Chart Objects
* Exploring Hyperlink Objects

Chapter 5: Exploring Widgets
* What Are Widgets?
* Exploring Widgets

Chatper 6: Publishing
* Things You Need to Know Before Publishing
* Publishing

Chatper 7: Appendix
* Shortcuts
* System Fonts
* Copyright

IVISUAL’s iStart iBooks Author (Multi-Touch) launched with a 50% discount event from Aug 10th 2012 to Sep 10 2012 in 7 countries iBookstore (Australia, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA).

iStart iBooks Author (Multi-Touch)
YouTube Video
Book Cover

IVISUAL was established on Oct 10th, 2010 to provide a service to produce, edit, and publish digital content based on the Apple platform. The service areas include Podcasts, Apps, and Ebooks. IVISUAL has published numerous eBooks on the iBookstore. Copyright (C) 2012 IVISUAL. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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