Granot industrial area, Israel – The XAPPR gaming gun for smartphones from MetalCompass which will be available in stores this summer will work with an amazing variety of virtual and augmented reality apps that will allow players to interact with virtual and real rivals.

MetalCompass has revealed the names of some of the apps that were already adapted to the XAPPR. This is a partial list of iOS apps that XAPPR owners will be able to play:

* AR Wars – Developed by Gamedokan
* Spray’em – Developed by Ray-C
* iGunslinger – Developed by SkyCoders
* ARTerminate – Developed by Nawia Games
* ARQatrix – Developed by Nawia Games
* Ghost Blasters – Developed by MoMoProds
* PirateBay – Developed by Yocto Games
* SkySiege 3D – Developed by Simbiotics
* AR Invaders – Developed by SoulBit7
* ATK – Developed by MetalCompass

MetalCompass offers game developers an easy to use SDK to adapt their games to the company’s gaming accessories. The company signed exclusive cooperation agreements with several major gaming studios and will provide XAPPR owners more games later this year.

XAPPR enabled games allows to fight aliens, helicopters, mosquitoes, pirates, spaceships and ghosts and even play against other players in a western style duel or a futuristic digital version of paintball – Hours Of Fun Guaranteed.

The XAPPR is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices and MetalCompass will soon reveal the names of the apps that will be available for Android devices. The XAPPR will soon be available in major retail stores and you can pre-order it online.

XAPPR Gaming Gun

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