Edmond, Oklahoma – Two Dollar Tuesday launched its one-day only Mac TimeSaver Mini-Bundle, featuring three top Mac utilities. Regularly priced at over $25, users can download all three apps today for a total of only $6. All three applications are Mac utilities designed to save the user time by making mundane tasks quicker.

The apps are available in the Mac App Store via Two Dollar Tuesday’s website for $2 each. Unlike other bundles, users are free to pick and choose which apps they want, and each app is only $2. The applications available in the TimeSaver Mini-Bundle include:

Divvy, regularly $13.99, is the first app in the bundle. The average user finds moving windows frustrating. Divvy eliminates the need to push and pull and drag windows around to size them. Instead, Divvy allows the user to quickly arrange windows with a single click and drag of the menu bar icon, or even with a keyboard shortcut.

Shortcuts, regularly $7.99, is the second app in the bundle. Shortcuts allows users to save time by creating keyboard shortcuts for routine things like launching applications and opening websites.

MenuPop, regularly $4.99, is the third app in the bundle. MenuPop brings up an application’s menu right by the user’s cursor, using a hot key or a mouse click. MenuPop is designed to eliminate the frustration caused by having to reach up to the top of the screen for the menu, particularly on larger screens.

The Two Dollar Tuesday TimeSaver Mini-Bundle is available today only.

Two Dollar Tuesday

Two Dollar Tuesday was founded by developer Mike Dattolo in 2012 in order to connect people with independent Mac App developers. Copyright (c) 2012 Two Dollar Tuesday. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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