Gresham, Oregon – Dingle announces the upcoming release of Beach Whale for iOS, slated for release November 26, 2012. Whales are amazing creatures, and no game has truly been able to capture their majestic beauty or wonderful personalities, but Beach Whale does exactly that. Explore four different worlds, collecting fish, unlocking new whales, and upgrading your whales to become faster, tougher, and more powerful. Ride waves and collect fish on the beach, but beware getting stuck on the sand and becoming a beached whale. Battle against four different powerful bosses and reap the benefits of victory. Play in any of the four game modes, unlocking accessories for your whales and showing off your trophies to your friends.

Beach Whale features detailed graphics, mesmerizing particle effects, silly humor, powerful sound effects, and action packed old school gameplay that both kids and adults will love alike. The game all whale-loving gamers have been waiting for has finally arrived, Beach Whale.

Feature Highlights:
* Action oriented gameplay
* Beautiful and detailed graphics
* Simple tilt controls that are easy to use and just feel right
* Play as six unique whales
* Upgrade your whales with game changing powers
* Dress up your whales in fancy accessories
* Unlock treasures and awards

Beach Whale was developed to promote whales and environmental conservation to the younger generations, all the while maintaining high quality gameplay for true gamers.

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