Taichung City, Taiwan – YumYumCook is pleased to introduce WhatsGoLa 1.0 for iOS. Ever dream of traveling the world? Most of us may not have enough money and free time to do this. But now, a new iPhone App could make your dream come true … well, kind of. The idea behind this innovation is to prepare some of your favorite photos, remove the background and then merge those photos with other scenic pictures. With WhatsGoLa, it lets you quickly fly around the world to collect beautiful scenic pictures and make lifelike, superimposed photos.

Photograph via Map:
When it comes to photo post-processing, most photography apps let us acquire source images from the built-in camera or Camera Roll. WhatsGoLa is no exception. But “WhatsGoLa Camera” enhances the capability. Showing a world map on the iPhone screen, users can interact with it to find Panoramic photos or snapshots from Google Street View. As well as pinpointing any location that users want to visit, a search tool is also provided to let users find the most famous attractions in the world in just a few taps. With this tool, users can easily gather beautiful scenic images as backgrounds for the finished masterpiece.

Add Subjects:
Now we have gorgeous background images of the scenery for a chosen location. With the overlay creation tool, we can take a cutout of the subjects from any of our daily photos and overlay onto the background. The concept is simple: just “draw” or “erase”. We draw the parts that we need (usually the main people in the image) and erase the part that we don’t want (usually the background). This is like the “Chroma-Key” or “Green Screen” effects that we can see on TV, but it can be done with little practice. Now we are ready to merge (or “superimpose”) the overlay images with the background scenery photos.

Balance Overlay with Background:
In order to make a superimposed image look true to life, certain things need to be considered. The edge, size and color of the overlay image need to seamlessly match the background image. To achieve that reality factor, the overlay creation tool mentioned above contains a brush hardness slider, which helps smooth the edge of the overlay. Moreover, in the superimpose tool, the overlay position and size can be adjusted by pinch, rotate and pan gestures. With regarding to the color, users can also fine-tune the overlay exposure, contract, saturation and temperature to balance out the composition and make it look real. These tools give more flexibility to allow each overlay image to be superimposed on a wide range of background photos.

Were You Really There:
One thing photography fans love doing is “GeoTagging” the photos they shoot. Not only does it keep a record of where their photos were taken, but also it feeds into people’s pleasure of saying “I’ve been to there”. If the background images come from the built-in camera, Google Street View, or Panoramio, the chances are that these images already contain GPS information. WhatsGoLa can preserve the geographic location information after superimposition. If we save the photos back to the Photo Library, we can even select the native iPhone “Photos” app and switch to Map Mode to browse these photographic “trophies”.

As well as sharing superimposed images to Facebook and Twitter, WhatsGoLa even lets you share overlay images with Facebook friends. Be careful whom you send overlays to, though. You don’t know how naughty your friends could be if they decide to superimpose your overlay on their “special” backgrounds.

What’s More:
There are many other features included in this app, which we can’t cover all in this article. For example: the “Gyroscope integrated street view camera” simulates the effect of standing on a street, as you look around. We can superimpose multiple overlay images. PNG images can be imported directly, etc. All are waiting for you to explore. WhatsGoLa wishes all of you a pleasant and safe journey to anywhere in your imagination.

Device Requirements:
* 3/4Gen iPhone, iPad, or 3/4Gen iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 4.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
WhatsGoLa 1.0 is $2.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

WhatsGoLa 1.0
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