With kids’ games becoming more and more popular, its no surprize that its easy for parents to find kid-friendly games for the iPhone. Just download one, and you’ll always have the option of occupying your child with an education game.

Adventures of Marvin and Mel Monkey is no exception. This kid friendly game will not only keep your kids happy, but might grab your attention as well. The idea is the following. You must collect falling objects, of which the main ones include bananas, letters and coconuts. You must collect the letters in order to recover words that have been stolen by a mysterious identity, at the same time, avoid the coconuts and feast in the bananas. There are also other objects that may interest you but I will let you find those out for yourself. Needless to say, the more bananas, letters and bonus objects you collect, the higher your score will be at the end of the level. Each level is timed, so hurry up and catch those bananas!

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Overall, I thought the graphics could use a little bit of a revamp and some of the sounds were extremely repetitive. If I remember from my childhood correctly, repetitive annoying sounds are a plus, so no need to worry about that one. In general, the gameplay is smooth, and can be challenging at times, which adds a little bit of interest to any game. The great thing is that there is a lite and full-version, which is always good news. So if you’re not certain about it right away, feel free to test drive the light version, see how your kids like it and then go ahead with the complete package which includes some extra pizzaz and new levels.

Check out Adventures of Marvin and Mel Monkey for iPhone on the App Store!

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