Have you felt a little down? Perhaps you needed something to inspire in the mid-afternoon after your lunch-time sugar spike hit the ground. We’ve all been there, and now, there’s a solution. AffirMe for iPhone will help drive inspiring thoughts when you need them most.

AffirMe for iPhone is essentially a scheduler that delivers quotes right to your iPhone from a magical place. Its probably a server with a database somewhere, but we can pretend its magic. To make it useful, simply set a time range in which you like to receive some inspiration. Perhaps from 1pm-3pm is a good time? Its entirely up to you. But when its time, you’ll get a notification with your “feel-good” quote. In my opinion its a good idea, but don’t expect it work wonders. If you’re naturally an angry person, this app will not help you become a delightful soul, but it might at least give you a kick in the right direction. Either way, if you’re happy and cheerful, you’ll find that this app will enhance those characteristics even more, so you’re bound to get some benefit from AffirMe.

The only real tricky part about AffirMe is that its free for only 3 weeks. After that, a subscription will cost you a whopping $4. The bright side, of course, is that you’ll have plenty of time during your three week trial to experiment and see if you enjoy the application. If you do, then spending four dollars may not sound so bad, so give it a spin and see what you think of it.

Check out AffirMe for iPhone on the App Store!

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