Some games are just so darn addicting. Can’t even put your phone down for one second. Another game of that sort is here to join the club of addicting games called Airborne Panda.

Airborne Panda is very straightforward, repetitive action, almost “helicopter game-like” in terms of game play. Except unlike the ugly helicopter game, Airborne Panda comes with all bells and whistles, and looks like it has actually been designed by competent individuals. The game itself is actually very easy to play. Simply hold down the boost button, never let go, and your panda will take off. To steer the little guy, use the arrows on the left side. Avoid the birds on lower level, and as you get higher and higher, more obstacle-type object will be introduced such as random blimps, hanggliders, and eventually satellites and asteroids. Collecting stars will fill-up your bank account and allow you purchase upgrades to your jetpack, booster, steering and a bunch more. There are also collectible power-ups that can boost your fuel tank and extend your flight. As you continue playing, you will discover that Airborne Panda is incredibly addicting. I mean, I had to beat the game in order to sit down and write this review. Mind you, it only took me roughly 20 minutes to do so, but never the less it had to be done. So that really tells two things that you need to know about Airborne Panda: one, its not very long and will take less then an hour of dedicated gameplay to finish and two, it is extremely addicting.

Overall, Airborne Panda is a blast. The graphics are decent, gameplay starts of somewhat poor, but thats the whole point of the upgrades. Otherwise you wouldn’t want to purchase jetpack upgrades and fuel tank expansions. All in all, Airborne Panda is definitely a title worth looking into especially if you’ve got kids who love pandas. That’s just a bonus.

Check out Airborne Panda for iPhone on the App Store!

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