If you’re Yoga master or you just want to start because you finally realized that being overweight, barely flexible, and complete sedentary sucks, then you’ve come to the right place because All-in Yoga is really the in only Yoga app worth downloading.

All-in Yoga is THE Yoga app on the iPhone. It is the definition of the Yoga app ideal. No, really, it is. All-in Yoga is basically an enormous collection of Yoga poses with each detailed in a number of ways. For each Yoga pose you can expect a crystal clear image of it should look like in perfect form, a brief description of the pose, a video of how to correctly perform the pose and a diagram of the human body showing exactly which muscles you use during that pose. And this is just the pose database. You can also jump over in the programs section where you will find additional programs which you can add to your routine and perform. There is a time for each program, which is also automatically entered into a calendar to tell you exactly how much time each day you’ve spent on improving your body. In addition to all the included content, you have the option of purchasing several premium alternatives which dive even deeper into the benefits of Yoga and it regular practice. Some of them are expensive but they are optional and are there if you need them. No one is forcing you to buy them.

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Overall, All-in Yoga is brilliant. The interface is very nice and easy to use. The app in general is very friendly for iOS-newbies and will be easy for anyone to wrap their head around. After all, its not about the app, its about the Yoga, and this app just helps you do it better. And that’s all that counts.

Check out All-in YOGA: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes for iPhone on the App Store!

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