If you’ve played Infinity Blade and you love the game play and graphics, you may want to check out Apocalypse Knights for iOS. With graphics nearly as jaw dropping and game play that is smooth like butter on a sunny day, this game absolutely a must have at a price just as jaw dropping as the graphics – free.

Apocalypse Knights puts you in the action. With the zombie apocalypse just around the corner, you will use the holiness of your sword, the mighty steed, and many potions, weapons and skills to win the world back from the dark side. As I’ve mentioned, the gameplay is just staggering. It is unbelievable how graphics this good can even be possible on a mobile device. With the iPhone working its magic, you’ll be starring at console-quality imagery while saving the world. The action itself is just as smooth and flawless as the graphics themselves. Of course I recommend running Apocalypse Knights on an iPhone 4S and/or iPad 3 because of the demanding nature of the images, but it can still be enjoyed on earlier generation devices at the slight cost of some minor performance reductions. As for the storyline, it is just as senseless as any zombie movie that you’ve seen. But that’s hardly relevant. Apocalypse Knights isn’t about the story, its about the action, and that, I must say, it does extremely well.

Overall, I can only say one thing – it is amazing. For a game like this you can easily expect to pay over $5 but Apocalypse Knights will costly absolutely nothing, thanks to many of the paid in-app purchases. These, however, can cost up to a staggering $100! But the game is free. Highly recommend you check out Apocalypse Knights and I highly recommend that you keep you head on straight and avoid any absurd purchases.

Check out Apocalypse Knights for iOS on the App Store!

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