Have you ever wanted to be somewhere instad of where you are now? I’m sure just about every has. Although that is obviously not always possible, there are ways to get by with an app for that.

Be There San Francisco is an app that does exactly what the name implies. It lets you BE in San Francisco. Since teleportation methods have not yet made their way to the iOS devices, we’ll have to just settle for some augmented reality in Be There San Francisco. Essentially, you will have two locations to choose from in the free version and 12 locations total if you decide to upgrade for $2.99. These locations are displayed on a very general, non-Google map of San Francisco just to give you an idea of where exactly those locations are. Tap on each one to dive in. Once you’ve selected your location you will be taken to a full-screen panorama viewing area. This is the cool part. Here, you can hold your phone in front of you and simply turn your entire body 360 degrees to view the entire panorama. It feels like you’re practically there, especially with realistic background noise of the scene! The spinning works even better if you happen to have a spinning chair on hand! If you’re getting a little dizzy, you can always tap the ‘lock’ button and just use the traditional swipe gestures to browse the high-res panoramas. As you scroll through the panoramas you will find that various points of interest will pop-up and give you the option to tap on them for a brief description and interesting facts.

Overall, Be There San Francisco was a real great experience. With high-res images the app makes you feel like you’re practically there and is a great way to explore points of interest of San Francisco without leaving the comfort of your own home…unless you live in San Francisco. Then you could just walk outside. But seriously, Be There San Francisco is a must see for everyone even if you don’t decide to upgrade and get 10 more spectacular locations.

Check out Be There San Francisco for iOS on the App Store!

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