This is probably one of the very few games that looks great and is quite addicting to play but has a name that just does’t a lick of sense. Although Beat the Window should be called Clean the Window, its still quite entertaining.

Beat the Window. Although you don’t actually do any beating, aside from the time that you have to “beat”, Beat the Window is all about beating Mr. Doo’s window cleaning time. As you probably haven’t guessed from the title of this game, the idea is to clean the window. Each level will start off with some mud (sometimes color and sometimes just mud) splashed on your window. Of course you don’t want a dirty window, so you have to use your finger and wipe the the window clean. If happen to have a stylus, things just get even better because not only will this help you demolish Mr. Doo’s time but it will clean your iPhone screen in the process. So that’s essentially what the game is about. In order to unlock the next level, you must clean the windows faster then Mr. Doo. If you’re successful, the next level opens up for your enjoyment.

Beat the Window is actually a lot of fun and is quite addicting. But you will find that there are only 6 levels available for free, and more levels are available as an In-App purchase. Still, this is great values and at least gives you the opportunity to test drive the game to see if you like it. Overall, I thought the game was worth a buck, and the graphics justify the lack of proper name. If there is one thing I would change about the game, it would the name. Clean the Window just makes so much more sense. Why not clean the window?

Check out Beat the Window for iPhone on the App Store!

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