BroadwayBarks is an interactive children’s book for the iPad that will simply blow you away. The high quality audio, animations, and interactive content make it one of the best interactive books on the Apple Store right now.

BroadwayBarks is a story about a lonely dog who is lost in the city. As you venture through the book, a woman’s voice narrates each page with enthusiasm and emotions that bring the story to life. Its not your every-day individual reading a script, she really is one talented story-teller (and singer as you’ll find out later in the book). Each page is filled with interaction and your kids will be able to tap and interact with just about every character on every page. You have the option of auto-play or narrate. Auto-play will simply narrate the story from beginning to end without stopping for the interactive parts. The narration, however, will give the opportunity to pause on every page and enjoy the silly interactions that make the book brilliant. When the story is finished, the fun still doesn’t stop. You’ll love going through the last two interactive game-like features of the book. I can’t mention exactly what they are because that will just spoil the book, so go find out for yourself

Overall, I must say the book is just brilliant. There are a ton of app out there with mediocre quality, let me assure you that BroadwayBarks is NOT even remotely close to mediocre. It is so good, and so well put together that it is simply the benchmark for all interactive books on the iPad. Its that good. Just go and download it, you won’t regret it.

Check out BroadwayBarks for iPad on the App Store!

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