There are tons of tower defence games for iOS. Some are nice, some are not so much, but if you’re looking for a game that takes a slightly different spin on the tower defence theory, you should definitely check out Cartoon Defence: Space Wars.

If you’ve been around way before World of Warcraft, back when Warcraft 2 was the biggest thing since sliced bread, you’ll remember that Warcraft 2 was actually a good time. Well, Cartoon Defence: Space Wars takes the original idea of Warcraft 2, simplifies it and smushes it together with a tower defence game. The end result? Tons of extremely addicting gameplay. The goal of the game is to defend your planet. To do so, you must build your army of troops that consist of various robots before your get attacked and destroyed by the computer colony. In order to build your troops, you need resources. Gold, to be more precise. Mining robots will help you extract the gold from floating gold deposits, but you must be careful not to expose to them to enemy gunfire for too long, otherwise you won’t have enough miners to maintain a steady gold supply in order to build your army. You must also think fast, because enemy troops don’t wait too long. Build your army, mine your gold and protect mother earth to advance to the next stage. As you advance, you have the opportunity to upgrade your troops and purchase a variety of other upgrades that will keep you from getting destroyed.

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Overall, I found the game to be tons of fun. The game play is quick, keeps you on your toes, and always has you coming back to the next stage. However, there is one major downside and that’s the lack of retina graphics. Being nearly two years into retina devices, it has become standard practice to develop for the retina screen and anything less simply does not cut it anymore. This game with retina graphics would be spectacular. But for now, we can only hope that it will come in the next update. For now, you can still enjoy Cartoon Defence: Space Wars because its an awesome game.

Check out Cartoon Defence: Space Wars for iPhone on the App Store!

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