Axe & FateIf you remember role playing games almost two decades ago, then you know how exciting they were. Its amazing that games with even better graphics have now made their way to the palm of your hand. One of these is Axe and Fate for iOS.

Axe and Fate is a great RPG that takes you on a 3D adventure in first-person. You’ll begin the game by setting up your character, configuring all the skills that you want to start off with and then finally jumping into the action. The controls are what you would expect. Touching the bottom left corner and panning around will move your character. Doing the same in the bottom right corner will tilt the camera angle accordingly. Alternatively you can swipe the screen for a more direct approach to changing the camera angle. There are several action button that appear periodically depending on the available actions. They will let you talk to characters, open door, attack enemies and the like. There are several menus that will help you select weapons, choose spells and interact with the “backend” of the scene. Attacking enemies also happens RPG style. Its based on a turn-by-turn concept and is there less intense compared to first-person realtime shooter. The graphics, music and and animations are also well done and definitely what you would expect from a Unity-built game.

Overall, I thought that Axe and Fate was well done with one minor complaint. The bottom left control pad is a little hard to use due to its size. The finger tends to slide off the movement pad and controlling the character becomes slightly challenging. Also the menu buttons are a tad small, and for someone with decently sized fingers it can prove to be a serious challenge. In general, however, the game plays smoothly and seems to very stable. The price is a little steep at $7 but its justified with a free version that you can test drive before purchasing. So I highly encourage you to check out Axe and Fate for free and then decide whether the full version is something that you would be interested in.

Check out Axe and Fate for iOS on the App Store!

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