Real-time photo and video effects with tons of custom options to choose from. This is what Cinema-trix is all about, lets go ahead and look into it a little deeper.

Cinema-trix lets you take photos and video (video option is available as an in-app purchase) with crazy intense visuals effects ranging from posterize, edge highlighting to pixelation and various colonization options. The best part about Cinema-trix is that these effects are all done in real time and as you move your device around, you can see the world through this modified view. The process itself is actually quite entertaining and I must admit that I spent a decent amount of time playing with all the effects, simply because its fun. If you’re a photographer or like to take unorthodox imagery, this is app is definitely something to check out. While I didn’t find any useful purpose for this app myself, anyone who enjoys visual effects in their photos will benefit from Cinema-trix.

The app is initially free with the option to upgrade to the pro version, which gets rid of ads, and unlock the camcorder option. I must say, however, that if you’re not planning on upgrading to the pro version, the advertisement placement is extremely irritating and makes the app almost unusable. When you open an effect options screen, nearly half the screen is taken up horizontally. At the same time, the add cover a good portion of the top of the screen, which leaves very little area to actually see the subject on camera. While the iPhone 5 optimization would reduce the problem (for iPhone 5 users obviously), it would still be very difficult to operate with an iPhone 4.

Overall the app is a decent grab on the App Store, and its especially attractive because you can give a test drive free of charge. So don’t hesitate to jump on over to the App Store and see how you like Cinema-trix. Make sure to come back and let us know what your thoughts are on Cinema-trix in the comments below. Did you like it?

Check out Cinema-trix for iPhone on the App Store!

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