So you decided to go on a trip somewhere nice. Perhaps Paris? Maybe London. Or Even Los Angeles. If that’s the case then you either need an expensive tour guide, or a free app called City Advisor! Now, City Advisor has many cities to choose from. Several cities are available to you for free just so you can get your feet wet and explore the possibilities that the app offers. If you would like to expand your database of cities and explore new areas, simply jump on over to the store and choose from a wide selection of cities world wide for only about a dollar each. There is a handful of larger cities for two bucks but it is entirely worth it in my opinion. Each city guide has tons of information. You wouldn’t believe how much data will fit on you iPhone locally. Even all the maps are preloaded so you can roam around without having to worry about insane roaming fees. Everything is accessible without an internet connection.

City Advisor makes it easy to find just about anything. With a large database on points of interest, events, places and much much more, you’ll have no problem finding something to do in town. It will even conveniently show everything on the map so you can plan your route and figure our exactly where to go. Each point of interest also offers tons of information like the phone number to call, address and even which credit cards are accepted!

Overall City Advisor must be one of the best travel applications available for the iPhone. The interface looks great, its extremely easy to use and most of all, offers an enormous amount of data. With City Advisor, its like carrying the entire city in your pocket. For any going on a trip, City Advisor is a must have.

Check out City Advisor for iOS on the App Store!

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