Do you like making music? Perhaps you’re into some crazy beats and would love to bring them everywhere you go on your iPhone. I’m not talking about playing your iPod on the go, but rather making your own custom beats right on your iPhone with just a few swipes.

Couch Potato Beat is an awesome app. That’s just a fact. There’s tons of “garbage apps”, as I like to call them, on the App Store, but this one is among the great ones. With Couch Potato Beat you simply have to select the music style you want to start your creation in (and there are tons!) and you’re ready to go! For every music style the instruments and sounds vary greatly, giving you plenty of variety in music styles and rhythms. Once you’ve found the genre that suits your mood, you’ll be presented with four bars. Now, if you’re musically inclined, these aren’t actually 4 measures of music, its more like two, but that’s not all. In fact, you have 4 pages of two measures to play with. So that gives you 8 beats for every page. Pretty cool stuff. To create your own beat, simply select the squares that you want to be active. Different instruments are represented by rows and a beat is represented by two columns (so two columns = 1 quarter note). You’ve got 4 instruments for each genre. These usually consist of at least one bass-like sound and a snare-like sound to give you the initial framework for the beat. Others will include a variety of effects and “spices” that will breath life into your music.

Overall, I think Couch Potato Beat is a very well rounded rhythm / beat creator for the iPhone and iPad and it does a great job and providing flexibility and variety for anyone’s music composing styles. It is very easy to use, looks great and an absolute blast to play around with. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little composing themselves. You definitely will not regret it.

Check out Couch Potato Beat for iOS on the App Store!

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