If you’ve been around with us for some time, you know that we reviewed the iOS version of Dark Summoner some time ago. Well now, there’s an Android version, and its exactly the same, except a little sluggish.

I won’t go into too much detail as the game itself is virtually identical to the iOS version and you can find the full article about it on our Dark Summoner for iPhone post. I would, however, like to expand on the Android differences and downsides. Running the game on an older devices like the Samsung Galaxy Captivate is somewhat slow and occasionally glitchy, especially in the UI navigation. For example, when setting up and account, tapping the “decide” button simply resulted in no action until I had to restart and re-enter my credentials. The animations between screens and the loading graphics, as insignificant as they are, still contribute to that overall “slow” feeling. Although this may all go away on newer devices like the Galaxy S3, the game may present some speed issues for the elderly Androids. Despite the downsides of Android fragmentation, Dark Summoner for Android is still a fantastic game. If you’re on Android, you simply must check out Dark Summoner. The graphics are incredible, game play couldn’t be more addicting (for some reason that is a good thing) and there’s always the excitement of playing with real live people on the Internet. Dark Summoner will cost you an incredible zero dollars but may cost significantly more in time spent playing, so consider yourself warned.

Check out Dark Summoner for Android on Google Play!

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16 Responses to Dark Summoner for Android – Game Review

  1. Lucy94 says:

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    That way we will both get 5 free monsters each as well as some other free stuff 🙂

  2. NN says:

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  3. NN says:

    play Dark summoner together! Player ID:1854259742
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  4. dimi says:

    After the tutorial, put this in (1336667919) and get an extra potion and powerful monsters!!! message me once u have joined the game I will help you out!


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