Dark SummonerThere are tons of games for the iPhone that are simply not worth even looking at. Sometimes its hard to distinguish the horrible ones, but today I’ve made your job easier for you by showing you a good one – Dark Summoner for iPhone.

Dark Summoner is social kinda of game, where you have to play online with other people. Its almost like you’re hanging out with a bunch of randoms in one room, except all this takes place over the internet. Needless to say, you need an internet connection to play that game. So if you’re sporting an iPod touch, this may not be the best option if you’re out and about. Unlike action games, or side-scrollers, all the action in Dark Summoner occurs in terms of information transfer. What I mean by transfer of information is that its almost identical to card games like Pokemon, where you acquire cards and battle them out to see who wins. Same idea with Dark Summoner. You complete missions, earn monsters (which are essentially like Pokemon cards, where each one has a unique characteristics such as attack, defence, etc.), battle them out, and sacrifice weak ones or those you don’t like to level up the ones you do like. Monsters have their own rarity rating that ranges from C to A+, and this usually indicates whether or not you should be investing sacrifices to level up that bad boy.

All in all, Dark Summoner is well put together. I don’t really have anything worth complaining about. The cut scenes were also a very nice addition to the game graphically and definitely spice things up a bit. Online game play is what you would expect and the game itself is actually very addicting. So watch out if you’re one of those easily-addicted-to-iphone-games kinda people.

What do you think of Dark Summoner? What would you like to see added? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

Check out Dark Summoner for iPhone on the App Store!

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