If you’re a drummer, musician or just someone who was really good at Guitar Hero or Rock Band, then you may definitely enjoy Drum Fanatics.

As you probably realized, Drum Fanatics is very much like Guitar Hero or TapTap Revenge for iPhone, except its all about the drumming. The idea remains the same, choose a song, listen along, tap the drum or cymbal that corresponds with notes flying by and you should be well on your way to successfully completing the level. The concept is not new, but the implementation takes a slightly new spin. Since you’re playing drums on a touchscreen, its slightly different than tapping on colourful circles in TapTap Revenge. The instrument is below the moving notes, which are positioned horizontally and move from right to left. This change alone makes slightly more challenging to navigate your finger to the correct part of the instrument. On top of all this the cymbals and drums are not all equal in terms of screen real estate. The bass drum is bigger then the hi-hat for example. All this may sound like a bad thing but its not. In fact, it is very much the opposite because all these small changes contribute to a more realistic drumming experience on an iOS device, and that is certainly a good thing.

Drum Fanatics also has very minimal lag. Yes, a little lag does show its face once in a while but its hardly noticeable and for any musically untrained ear, it simply doesn’t exist. So nothing to worry about there. Overall, the game is very well made and the graphics are exactly what you’d expect from any console game even. All in all, for only a buck, you simply can’t go wrong with Drum Fanatics.

Check out Drum Fanatics for iOS on the App Store!

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