So the world is going to end. Its just a matter of time. How much time? Well, no one really knows for sure, except for an iPhone app, of course. Download End 2012 for iPhone and you’ll be on board to track down the end of the world.

End 2012 is probably one of the simplest applications out there. Its just one screen, with one purpose – to count down every second until the world ends. At the time of writing, we have 148 days to go until the world ends. Very sad. Very sad indeed. But you can help save the world but paying $0.99 via an in-app purchase? Interesting theory, but I am not quite understanding how an in-app purchase might help save the world. Although it is a great idea and surely if everyone donated a dollar, someone would certainly have lots of money (including Apple with their 30% share of the profits). How all this money would help save the world, though, is still quite a mystery. There are so many things wrong on mother Earth, that not even 7 billion dollars would significantly extend the likelihood of our survival. But, on the bright side, you can stay in the loop and stay up-to-date on exactly how much we have left with End 2012. And don’t forget to share it with your friends so you can all huddle together in the last few seconds that we have left on this beautiful Earth of ours.

Check out End 2012 for iPhone on the App Store!

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One Response to End 2012 for iPhone – App Review

  1. Jonh says:

    I know this app.
    It is made by GESO (Global Environmental Saving Organisation)
    It is made just to pay your attention on the global problem.
    You read, even when you are frustrated – you speak about it and discuss it with your friends…
    Let’s save the world.

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