So the App Store has some pretty crazy app, if you haven’t noticed. Today, we’re pleased to let you know that one more, arguably insane, creepy and extremely addicting app is lurking on the App Store virtual shelves, and that’s Facebomb for iPhone.

If you’re not familiar with the term “face-bombing”, there’s a pretty good reason for it – it doesn’t exist. Until now that is. With Facebomb for iPhone you will turn an ordinary family photo into something unrecognizable and yet so addicting, that you’ll keep looking for more photos to “facebomb” until the sun goes down…or comes back up. Basically, Facebomb is responsible for taking an ordinary photo of 2 or more people and multiplying one persons face onto everyone else. Still not catching on? Okay, picture an image where you and your family are happily smiling at the camera. Facebomb comes along, takes your face, and pastes it on top of everyone else. Now you’ve got a whole family that looks like you. Pretty crazy concept if you ask me. But then the addiction starts and you must find more photos and experiment, and then share. So overall, somewhat unique experience.

But Facebomb isn’t perfect. In fact, in real world application where people have different skin tone, and head direction, Facebomb isn’t so successful. I find that best results are achieved with photos of people with very similar skin tone that are facing in the same direction. Then its just creepy. But its even better when you try it out for yourself, so go ahead and grab Facebomb and give a test drive.

Check out Facebomb for iPhone on the App Store!

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