If you’re a Formula 1 lover, this next title is the one for you. With Formula Micro GP 1 you can now bring the F1 excitement wherever you go with your iPhone.

Formula Micro GP 1 is a mini racing game styled to look and play like those mini games that you see in Mario Party or the arcade at the movie theatre. The controls are very simple, tapping on the right side of the screen will steer right, and tapping on the left side of the screen, as you’ve guessed by now, will make you turn left. Now, being an arcade-style, Formula Micro GP 1 uses very simplistic physics and should never be compared to more complex racing games like Real Racing and the like. This is an entirely different feel, whether by accident or intention, it is a good feel. Its simple, quick and fun. You even get a little red button that makes you go faster. Although the physics are on the simple side, the game does incorporate realistic racing scenarios where, for example, your tires wear to the point that the handling is compromised. That adds a different kind of realism and makes the game a little more exciting, forcing to make several pit stops during the race. It a nice touch.

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Overall, you’ll find that the game is very easy to play. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean your opponents are easy to beat, it just means that tapping your screen is not that hard. Formula Micro GP 1 adds some nice F! action while on the go and is a great alternative to complex racing games that sometimes take just way too much effort. There is one change that would most definitely be very welcomed in the future update however. When your car reaches the top gear and you can’t go any faster, the engine noise will just start “bouncing off the limiter”. If you know a little about cars, you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you don’t, just listen for the hysteric whining. This can get quite irritating if you’re really good and don’t hit the grass to slow down. And that pretty much wraps up all the annoyances. So if you’re into F1, go ahead and give Formula Micro GP 1 a go on your iPhone.

Check out Formula Micro GP 1 for iOS on the App Store!

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