If you enjoy intricate puzzles on the iPad then you can’t miss this next title, called Gaias Quest for iPad. With its distinct graphics and unique game play, its definitely something to check out on your iPad.

Gaias Quest is a puzzle game. But it isn’t an ordinary puzzle. In fact, its slightly confusing, fun and addicting all in one package. The principle behind Gaias Quest is to solve mini stories, which appear to you one screen at a time. upon successful completion, you will be awarded a crystal that will grant you access to the next puzzle via the “next” arrow in the top right corner. Likewise, you can choose to go back to the previous puzzle with an opposing arrow in the top left. Each puzzle consists of an illustration where several people (or sometimes goblins or other creatures) are experiencing problems. So in one example it may appear that someone has misplaced a boot, which is floating in the lake while the fisherman in the boat doesn’t have a fishing rod. The illustration is interactive a specific objects you can pick up and move. So for example, you might tap, hold and drag the lost boot to the individual who lost it. Doing so, will free up the fishing rod which you can then drag and drop on the fisherman who will then begin fishing. The ultimate goal for each puzzle is to solve everyones problems in the illustration. In the example above, we’ve gone through just two problems where in Gaias Quest you may be faced with several more.

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Gaias Quest can actually be quite challenging at times and if you find yourself struggling a little bit, you can always tap the question mark to reveal which objects are interactive and draggable. There are also four themes that you must complete to finish the game. You will begin with water and work your way up to the next three. Overall, you’ll find that the illustration are high quality graphics that look stunning on the Retina display. The game in general is very well made and has some interesting game play. If you enjoy these kind of puzzles, Gaias Quest is a must-see for your iPad.

Check out Gaias Quest for iPad on the App Store!

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