If you’re into geo location based games, GeoEmpires is definitely the next on to check off your list.

GeoEmpires transforms your surrounding into a game that you can play via a map, some friends and some spare time. What happens is a specific area that you reside in, is divided into map squares. Picture the map tiles that are loaded individually in Google Maps on the iPhone when you have a really slow internet connection. Except much smaller. Basically, each individual who is playing the game is responsible for physically travelling through these map tiles and conquering territories. The more land you have, the more earnings you can salvage from bypassing traffic. If someone walks in your area, you get paid, and they lose money. The opposite is also true if you walk on someone else’s land. The basic principle of the game then, is to conquer as much land as possible. You can also hunt down randomly positioned treasures for some extra bonuses.

The overall feel and graphics of the game is undeniably awesome. The UI is really clean, easy to use and looks very nice. The only thing I found from the very beginning is an unbelievable amount of spelling and grammar errors. I understand that has nothing to do with game play, but you would thing that someone would at least read over the texts and extra time. Another downside is that unless you’re located in a “popular” area, there aren’t that many people to play with as of June 2012. Perhaps if it was filled with people constantly conquering land, it would be interesting but for everyone who is secluded from any real action may find the game a little uneventful. Other then that, everything is great and more people should definitely start playing to make the experience better for everyone.

Check out GeoEmpires for iPhone on the App Store!

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