We love music apps here at AppShrink.com, especially the ones that really stand out and deliver the goods – like Go Go Xylo for iPhone and iPad, available as a Universal app!

Go Go Xylo, as the name may suggest, is a Xylophone simulator and will allow you to hit an impressive 12 note-range on the iPhone and 18 notes on the iPad! The beauty of Go Go Xylo isn’t so much the octave range, although that’s pretty good as well. The real deal is the response. And that, is most definitely as good as it gets. When it comes down to playing a music instrument simulator on capacitive screen, the delay between the touch and sound production is absolutely critical. I’ve seen many wonderful apps simply ruined by the every-so-slight delay between the touch and sound. With Go Go Xylo it is the ideal. The delay is simply not there and you can even play harmonies with two hands!

Go Go Xylo also features a selection of accompaniment songs that you can play along by following on-screen sheet music or you can simply play whatever feels right because the notes you’re playing are always in the same key as the song. So no matter what you play, it will sound more-or-less good to the untrained ear. If, however, you do have a trained ear, you may enjoy adding some of your own creative licks and riffs to the simple song accompaniments.

Overall, Go Go Xylo is an excellent app. At a price of only, FREE, it is absolutely a must-have for anyone musically inclined. Its simply fun to have, a blast to play and provides tons of great sounds. If you’re in the market for some xylophone action, give Go Go Xylo a test drive.

Check out Go Go Xylo for iOS on the App Store!

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