If you’ve been using GolfSites to track your golf game in the recent past, there is some good news for you. Now you can view all your tracked information right on your iPad with the help of a free application called GolfSites Recap. While you can’t actually track anything with this app, it is still a great way to view everything that you tracked with its iPhone counterpart. You will be required to log in with your GolfSites account, unless you just want to explore the possibilities of the app, in which case you can proceed with a demo account and see if this particular type of tracking is beneficial for your game. There is tons of information on your shots and everything that can make you a better golf player, not to mention its pretty fun to use.

Overall, the app seems to be made quite well, and the graphics are professional-looking with smooth transitions and animations. The app in general is a pleasure to use and plays nicely with its iPhone edition via the account sync. So if you’re a golf player that is looking to improve their game or simply enjoy the perks that modern technology bring to the table, GolfSites Recap for iPad is definitely something to look in to, especially if you’re already using GolfSites.

Check out GolfSites Recap for iPad on the App Store!

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