HalooMeeting people on the iPhone has never been easier. There are about a million apps to do just that, and the latest one to join the party is Haloo for iPhone.

Haloo for iPhone lets socialize, get to know and explore all kinds of people nearby or within a set radius. With Haloo you can create local social groups called Funnels where you can chat and message people in that funnel. You can also join funnels that other people have created and tag along with the conversation. The great thing about funnels is that they change depending on your location, so they are always relevant. From the homescreen you can also explore people through encounters. This is an area where you get random people’s profile and you can either like it, rejected or choose the neutral “Hmm” option. Haloo let you know if the the people that you like, also like you back so you can continue chatting some more. The locator function also lets you browse people by location, showing you everyone within a 1 mile radius and up. The favourites area will take care of storing your top people and the history section will show you everyone who has shown interest in your profile.

Overall, the app seems to be pretty good but my first overall impression is that its a little bit confusing to use. There doesn’t seem to be a logical flow of things, and some buttons just don’t make any sense. For example, when you press the top right notifications button, which is found on just about any screen, the same button is visible on this screen that doesn’t serve any useful purpose. The help is also very short, and it took some time to figure out that it is capable of scrolling in the tiny pop-up window that it was in. Something else to keep in mind is that this app is somewhat useless without location service enabled. If you decide that to disallow location services, the buttons that you use to like or reject people’s profiles simply don’t respond and it is impossible to send messages in some cases.

Although the app is designed well, I feel that overall it has some fine tuning to do in terms of its functionality. With this in mind, the subscription service is a hefty $15 on a monthly basis or $50 for half a year. I should say, however, that Haloo is still very functional without the subscription so it isn’t necessary to purchase the subscription to enjoy the application. If you’re looking to meet people on the iPhone, go ahead and give Haloo a try. After it is free to download and use without a subscription.

Check out Haloo for iPhone on the App Store!

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