Sometimes it can be hard to find people of the same interest, those who share your passion for one topic or another. As you’ve guessed by now, there is an iPhone app just for that purpose.

Handshake5 is all about virtual handshakes. Its like meeting people in real life with the certainty that they share at least one of your interests and you know exactly which one. Handshake5 basically profiles your interests and uses them display relevant people in your area or around the world so you can a friend handshake, or chat. It certainly has that “online dating” feel to it, minus the actual dating part. Its just for common interests. What’s kind of cool about Handshake5 is that can search for people within a given radius and in a specific age group (18+). This drastically narrows down the results to the people who share the same interests, which you can select from quite a long list when you first sign up for your free account.

Now, Handshake5 offers a paid version as well. It will relieve you of the annoying ads and grant you access to search with up to 25 interests. In the free version you are limited to just 5. If you only have 5 major interests or perhaps you simply don’t care for anymore, then the free version will do just fine. The only downside here, like with any other “people dependant” application is the lack of users. Since the app relies heavily on user presence, it is needless to say that user experience is drastically reduced for those living in areas where this application isn’t very popular. You still have the option of searching worldwide, however, so that’s definitely a plus. So lets go ahead and make it interesting for all the Handshake5 by downloading the free version right now.

Check out Handshake5 for iPhone on the App Store!

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