Who would’ve figured that launching birds with a slingshot into some pigs on the other side would’ve turned into such a hit. Apparently its a popular concept because everyone seems to be using the idea for their games.

Ivick Von Salza is a story about a little lumber jack and his friend pig who are on a mission to collect the scattered pieces after they accidentally blew up some stuff. You gather pieces by launching your two friends with a slingshot across the levels and into the pieces on the other side. Sound familiar? But that’s not all. To get the highest score, will have to collect all the floating baseballs by making a perfect arch. Unlike Angry Birds, the idea to here to is it to create the perfect shot, not so much destroy everything and kill all the pigs. But the concept is more-or-less similar. Either way, the first thing you’ll notice when you play the game is that the graphics are incredible. The game is actually based on a TV show and the graphics really speak for themselves. Everything from the animations, images, and characters, is very well illustrated and of course made for the Retina display. That part is impressive.

What doesn’t really do it for me are the physics in the game. For a game like Ivick Von Salza, I feel that the physics would be one of the most important aspects of the game. Its difficult to put anything side-by-side with Angry Birds’ physics but Ivick Von Salza just seems a little too challenging when it comes down to that perfect arch. I would also love to be able to zoom out all the way to see the entire level, rather then blindly launching my little lumberjack.

Overall, however, Ivick Von Salza is a great universal title for both the iPhone and iPad with some really impressive visuals. A few little tweaks to the physics engine would really put this game on the next level, but even as it is now, Ivick Von Salza is a great addition to the TV series that you could now enjoy on your iOS device.

Check out Ivick Von Salza for iOS on the App Store!

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