ReadrSo you have an iPad, but you still enjoy paper magazines because iBooks just doesn’t cut it. If you want to give the digital experience one more shot, Readr is one of the best ways to do it, hands down.

Readr is all about the amazing magazine reading experience. From subscriptions to downloading, you’ll enjoy every second of it, minus the spending money part. Regular old-school magazine subscriptions sign you up for one specific magazine often for a year or more. Pay-per-issue style service is also okay if you know what you want. But for everyone else who just wants to enjoy various magazines, neither of those alternatives along with many others are that great. That’s where Readr comes in. What I love about Readr is that it lets you enjoy practically any and all magazines that you want for one monthly subscription and you’ll have 7 days to try out this service entirely free of charge. How it works is actually quite simple. You pay once a month and get to enjoy any magazine you like, simply tap the download button and its yours to read. Easy. While there are some magazines that must be purchased individually for a one time fee, the vast majority are under this subscription model and as long as you’re signed up, you can download as many as you like. Like I said, you’ll have 7 days to explore how it works and read as many magazines as you can squeeze into 7 days. Just make sure to start the trial during a time where you can actually dedicate some time to reading the magazines.

The magazine reader itself is quite awesome as well. You can bookmark more then just one page, and easily jump to any one of them with a single tap. There’s also a convenient thumbnail scroller that you can use to quick skip pages and preview content. Overall, is quite an awesome app that’s also made very well. It is somewhat graphic-intensive which is why running it on older device might be slightly slower and cause memory related crashes. With that said, Readr is still one of the best magazine readers that I’ve encountered on the iPad and highly recommend that you give it a test drive with the 7 day trial. And you don’t even have to make an account.

Check out Readr for iPad on the App Store!

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